Treadmill sessions

Get ready to add this to your dogs list of favorite activities.
We offer a safe and comfortable exercise outlet for your pup on professionally built treadmills made for dogs! Guess what you don’t even have to go anywhere! We bring the adventure to you in our mobile dog gym! I know your wondering… No, we don’t run hoomuns… Each session is 30 minutes dedicated to your dog(s).
Without any physical limitations any dog can enjoy all the benefits, even seniors!

Check out our FAQ sections to see a full list of benefits

Starting at $30 per session*

*$15 per additional doggo

Dog Walking

Give your pup the exercise and fresh air they need with our professional dog walking services. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing exceptional care to your pet, while GPS  monitoring offers peace of mind about their whereabouts and activities, with adorable photos of your pet included. Trust us to keep your pet happy, healthy,  and active.


We offer customized in-home pet care services designed to ensure your pet’s comfort and your peace of mind while you’re away. Whether you need overnight care or several drop-in visits throughout the day, we customize our services to suit your pet’s routine and your schedule. Our team of professional sitters provide 12 hours of continuous care, ensuring your pets are well looked after throughout the night, with the ability to add on visits throughout the day.

Not comfortable with overnight stays? Opt for multiple drop-in visits instead. Our flexible day visits cater to the needs of pets who thrive on frequent attention. Rest assured, all visits, whether overnight or drop-in, are monitored with GPS and time tracking.

You’ll receive photo, video, and update notifications every time, keeping you connected with your pets no matter where you are.